Enhance your Career Prospects

You can enhance your degree by gaining experience and knowledge in your chosen area of interest.
Employers want to hire graduates with demonstrated experience in their specific sector.

The best ways to enhance your career prospects are to:

  1. Choose appropriate elective courses.
  2. Volunteer to gain relevant work experience.
Choosing Electives
Gain a competitive advantage by choosing electives that complement your career path. Electives give you the opportunity to adapt your degree to develop knowledge and skills in specific topics.

To develop a solid foundation in a specific area you need to select appropriate electives. You should use electives to develop a sequence of study in a secondary area by choosing a stream of courses at 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year. This secondary area will add a speciality to your skill set and augment your future career options.

For example, if you are interested in a career in Youth Justice you would complete elective course that will increase your knowledge of child development, adolescent behaviour and juvenile justice.

When searching for electives make sure that you look outside of psychology. Depending on your career path, consider electives from human services, public health, business, human resources, medicine, public health, criminology, and law.
Volunteering gives you invaluable firsthand work experience that enhances your career prospects. You will apply your theoretical knowledge and skills while on-the-job. You will also give back to the community.

Volunteering shows your commitment, initiative and knowledge to a specific sector. Also, you will network with industry professionals and develop contacts with potential employers. It is your chance to differentiate yourself, from other job seekers, to future employers.

There have been many cases where volunteer work has resulted in a student receiving a job offer immediately after completing their psychology degree.

You can learn about volunteer opportunities by looking on the web, chatting to your peers, or asking the director of your degree program. You can also complete a community internship elective at university. In addition to gaining credit towards your degree, the community internship gives you the opportunity to develop your professional and personal skills, and have a positive impact in the community. These internships combine community-based volunteering with a structured academic program of learning.