Marketing is about identifying and understanding consumers. It also involves examining the business or product, and how it affects the consumer’s end experience. It covers research, planning, pricing, packaging, promotion, selling and distribution. Jobs in this sector can include research and consultancy in various mediums (media, social media etc.)

Mandatory Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree required (for most jobs).
  • Core skills in the discipline of psychology.

Specific Job Titles

Market Research Analyst (Brand Strategist)
In this role you will analyse and interpret data, formulate reports and make recommendations to assist businesses identify their clients’ changing needs and future opportunities. Knowledge and expertise in quantitative data analysis is essential.
Communications Officer (Media Liaison)
In this role you will coordinate information sessions, organise promotional and marketing campaigns, monitor and update social media, prepare media materials, issue management plans, and liaise with internal and external stakeholders.
Student Recruitment Officer
In this role you will be involved in a range of marketing and sales initiatives to promote brand awareness of an educational institution to encourage people to choose that institution. Previous experience in sales and marketing in an education setting may be desirable.
Social Media Analyst
In this role you will provide information and advice to organisations on the use of digital marketing techniques such as social media platforms and related applications. You will be responsible for creating and maintaining an organisation’s presence on social media sites.
• Knowledge and expertise in social media and a command of each network and their best practices is necessary.
Community Engagement Officer
In this role you will consult with communities, organisations and government departments to support inclusive planning and local decision-making processes on various community-related projects. Knowledge and expertise relevant to the specific sector may be desirable.
Community Engagement Officer (Mental Health)
You will contribute to strategies designed to improve community mental health awareness and help people access specific mental health programs. You will help ensure that services are responsive to the needs of the community and aligned to the goals of the organisation.